Banner Specifications at CSN

Repeatedly refreshing this page will bring up examples of the actual banners currently deployed at CSN. The best banners are fast loading and artistically appealing.

The graphic file format must be
.jpg, .gif, or animated .gif
Nothing else - no java or flash, no videos. Physical screen size is flexible according to your needs - within tasteful reason.

You may submit the banner you want to run on ClearStar via email attachment to the email address listed on our...

Contact CSN Page.


for an additional $175 we can create a banner for your review, using elements from your web site. Either way is fine and they are not mutually exclusive. You may provide different banners periodically during the course of Sponsorship at no additional charge.

The Sponsor banners below link to the respective websites of the Sponsor indicated. Refreshing your screen will display another banner.

CSN logos available to use on your website...

Page listing ClearStar Sponsors

Sponsorship Feedback and Contact Form

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