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Sponsorship at ClearStar

ClearStar has become the most heavily trafficked physical security industry site on the Net, bar none.

To date, 67 State, National and International Locksmith/Security Associations have registered their memberships with ClearStar, including ALOA and SAVTA.

This is on top of the thousands of Companies and individuals who regularly use this site for fact gathering, networking, and as a jump-off point to other security industry sites on the Net.

Other sites may claim high numbers of registrants who visit their sites as little as one time only, but...
ClearStar counts only those who pay to become members and use the site on a daily basis. 

In short, ClearStar is the central Internet Hub of the lock and safe industry.

You've worked hard to get your Company on the Net. Now give it the On-line exposure it deserves.

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At just $395 for a full year of exposure, it affords the best ROI in the industry.





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