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Hall's Safe - patent April 3rd 1906

Posted by Aaron, Victoria on January 17, 2009 at 17:12:43:

I'm crrently looking at buying an old safe.

I'm found one which I will describe shortly, but first I have a question:

What sort of mechanical action should I expect of the safe dial on antique safes if it's in working order? Should is spin smoothly? Or is it supposed to only feel resistance every 5-10 digits. I'm just asking this because I want to assess whether the tumblers inside are broken or not.

(dealing with a Scotsman, need all the bargaining help I can get.)

The insides read

The Hall's Safe Company

Patented April 3d. 1906

The combination is lost, and There's an internal compartment that would require a key which I'll presume is also lost.

My understanding is that to get these things repaired / cracked would cost ~$3-500 for someone that knew what they were doing to fix it.

Fortunately, unless someone does something stupid before I can buy the safe, is that the safe door is open, so there is a chance I could try ficing / sorting things out myself.

So my second question is, where would I find the equivalent of a 'how 1900's safes work and how to fix them for dummies' book / article?

Thanks for any help or feedback,


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