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ClearStar - A Clear Vision for All --- William M. Lynk : CSM1275

Just what is ClearStar Security Network?

I was a member of ClearStar but my membership expired - how do I rejoin?
I misplaced my ClearStar, User-Name and Password - how can I obtain it?

Sounds good - but I'd like free Trial Access for a week or so before I decide.
I already tried the free Trial Access  And / OR  I want to join NOW! -  How?

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The purpose of ClearStar Security Network is twofold...

1. To Serve the Professional Security Industry
(locksmiths, safe technicians, suppliers, manufacturers, associations, etc):

  • Foster the integrity and development of the Professional Security Industry.
  • Foster community in the industry by establishing a globally accessible network.
  • Provide an online index of resources and references available to the industry.
  • Provide a means for feedback and communication among all segments of the industry.

2. To Serve the Public
(whose physical security needs are entrusted to the Professional Security Industry):

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