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Just what is ClearStar Security Network?

User-Name and Password - New Applicants

Obtaining a User-Name and Password

You need to provide documentation to ClearStar showing you are a
Locksmith / Safe-Tech / Security Professional.

      Be sure to include your legible Email address.

After your info is verified you will be issued the following...
One Trial User-Name and Password that will work only for

ClearStar Security Network

The Trial User-Name and Password will work for between one and three weeks (depending on when you apply). You will be notified of the actual expiration date at the time you receive your Trial Membership. During that time you will have access to *most of the Restricted Areas of ClearStar. This is an evaluation period where you may determine for yourself the value of the service. There is no fee for the Trial period.

Both the User-Names are and Passwords are case-sensitive,
meaning it's important to use capital letters and small letters where indicated.

You may apply for Full Membership without going through the Trial period. Just send the above required items along with your payment - see below or

* Trial Membership : Exclusions & Limitations

How to apply...

By postal mail:
   ClearStar Security Network
      Internet Administration / Trial Service
      4454 Lopez Avenue
      Port Townsend, WA 98368
By Fax:

      1-866-850-9926  (toll free)

By Email attachment to

      Acceptable file formats for files attached to an email are...

  •  .pdf (portable document format)
  •  .jpg (image file)
  •  .gif (image file)

  •  NO .zip files! (compressed files)

For Even Faster Service:

Once you mail or Fax your documentation - send an email to ClearStar giving the date your info was sent.
Here's the email address to use...

After the Trial period at ClearStar...

You may apply for
Full Membership.

When upgrading to Full Membership you need supply only your Trial User-Name and Password, since you will have already met the other documentation requirements.

To assure uninterrupted service, you should upgrade before your Trial period expires. There IS a fee for ClearStar Membership.

You may apply for full Membership without going through the Trial period. Just send the above required items along with your payment.

At any time during your Trial Access to ClearStar you may upgrade to Full Membership Status by going ...... Here

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