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Old wall safe

Posted by Steven, West Palm Beach on July 26, 2009 at 14:08:15:

I recently bought a home that was built in 1954 that has a wall safe in the
closet. It is relatively small measuring 1 foot by 1 foot with a round door on it
with a combination lock. There is no name or markings on the safe anywhere
to be found except for a little riveted on metal tag with the number 10969-
374 on it. The previous owner of the home never knew the combination and
hired a locksmith to come out to the house but they were unsuccessful. I
would like to be able to use the safe not to mention my curiosity has gotten
the better of me. Is it worth trying to find another locksmith that has safe &
vault experience to open it? I can take a picture of it if that helps and was
even thinking of removing the trim around it to see if I could get it out to
take to a locksmith.

Thanks for your help......Steven

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