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How to open safe with no handle?

Posted by Julia Nunnery, NC on May 25, 2009 at 10:09:29:

I've had this safe open years ago but today I spent 2 hours trying to open it and it wouldn't.
My folks left directions that say...
L - 72 (4)
R - 39 (3)
L - 66 (2)
R -
...and that's all.
I'm not sure what (4), (3), etc. mean.
It's hard for me to get down on the floor to see the dial and it must weigh 2-3 hundred pounds. It's a small safe, about as tall as an average chair seat, on wheels with no handle. I don't think the contents are worth hiring a locksmith.
My notes say "Yale lock for safe, No 0700 Serial w360 or 366 (maybe preceeded by a 7 or a + or a scribble) M. Yard The Yale & Towne Mfg Co Stanford, Conn"
Please help.

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