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LOCKED NORRIS - Victor-type safe?

Posted by Bill Dixon, New Westminster on February 19, 2009 at 11:52:49:

Hi everyone.
I have inherited a locked 'Norris Safe & Lock Co.' which I believe is a Victor type. Unfortunately, (or should that be typically), there was no combination with it, but, surprise, I would like it to be unlocked and made usable.
It's serial number V13561, has a 100 degree Yale dial in the center of the door with the lever handle on the left.
Since it is kinda plain and smallish (2'x 2'x 1.5') there is probably very little value to it and hence wouldn't cover the cost of a technician's service. I know that this is your livelihood for most guys out there but would I like to think that I'm somewhat mechanically inclined and since its sitting in my (wife's) kitchen, personally want to rise to this challenge.
I think (correctly?) that it's ~100 years old, a 3-pack dial, gravity feed drop (I've been trying to read up), so with my stethoscope might be able to hear its action, if I knew where to listen and which way (order) to dial?
Am I hearing someone laughing over this?
Anyway, any help forthcoming would be greatly appreciated.
(604) 526-3378

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