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Re: LOCKED NORRIS - Victor-type safe?

Posted by Bill on February 24, 2009 at 11:57:29:

In Reply to: Re: LOCKED NORRIS - Victor-type safe?
posted by
Arnie on February 20, 2009 at 15:10:38:

Hi Arnie;

Thanxs for your response. Of course you are right, but even if I'm untrained I was still hoping beyond hope that a 21st century stethoscope 'might' reveal something in a 20th century wheelpack. As well, I would have the luxury of time and pace, of enjoying a coffee with my feet up in the kitchen, unlike, I would think, most nefarious B&E'ers.
And I also have to say to you that I NEVER thought I would SIMPLY dial it open! I'm not that naive, so I apolgize if I came across that way, for in no way did I intend to abridge the competence you guys have. I'm just trying to stumble along in my own way.
Anyway, so far I think it's been ID'ed as a CARY, not as old as I had previously thought, not a relocker (yea!), but with a YALE (not a S&G) gear-drive - which sounds like that makes it non-manipulatable? So that may be the end if it right there. I'm loath to cut it as well, for the reason you state, but also in case there is any woodwork inside.

BTW, thats also probably why I wrench on my own beaters. It's not that I don't respect (and admire) their education and talents, but it's exactly as you say, 'Their professional skills have no bearing on my car's value.' I just can't bring myself to pay more that what the damn car is worth.

So call me more stubborn than stupid perhaps, but I'll press on the best I can.

Thanks to the forum and everyone.......Bill

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