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Lot of antique Mosle safe deposit boxes -- no keys...

Posted by Vlad on October 07, 2008 at 14:29:35:

Hi all,

I just picked up a module of 50 19-th century Mosler safe deposit boxes. They are of variouse sizes: 32 tiny boxes, 16 bigger ones, 4 even bigger and 3 combination safes on the bottom. Most of them have the locks out and stored in the boxes inside. However, several don't and they are locked. The only keys available are from the 4 biger boxes and the guard key that would "unlock" the right part of every double lock. The question is -- how do I pick the left, customer-key part of the ones that locked? AND how easy (and expensive) is it to make 48 keys for all the locks? The locks are brass, really old and have no markings on them. The reason I know they are Mosler is by the printed name on the keysfor the lower boxes (same type locks) and Mosler patent on the three combination dials.

One of the ideas I head for opening the locked boxes is to try and drive out the hinge rod of the locked boxes. This did work for two of the combination doors that I did not have a combo for: the doos "opened" from the hinge side.

Making of keys for the unmarked locks is a puzzler, though. I don't want to spend too much money... I could take out the internals of the locks, I guess, and make them all unlock by a single key, I guess... Although I plan to use it for entertainment purposes, I do want to preserve original functionality as much as possible.

Any ideas and help will be much appreciated.



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