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Re: Protectall Safe

Posted by Ken Dunckel Safecracker Boxman on July 27, 2008 at 05:49:53:

In Reply to: Protectall Safe
posted by
Raymond, New York on July 27, 2008 at 00:26:02:

Raymond the turning directions you posted look valid, so my guess is that whoever is dialing is not doing the count correctly.

When the instructions say
"4 x Left (yes CCW is Left) to XX" it means exactly that. Many people insert or substitute the word "past" for "to." Wrong. Every time the number being dialed aligns at the index mark counts as "1 time." The word "past" or "pass" is what throws people off.

Use the index mark that most closely approximates top dead center of the dial ring (12:00).

Also, the final turn is not really to "click," instead you should turn the dial right until it comes to a solid stop and won't go any farther. The so-called "click" is the feel and sound of the lock insides engaging the lock bolt, but you have to turn it clockwise after that to actually retract the lock bolt.

Then turn the handle.

If you have the right numbers and the right dialing sequence it will open, especially if you know it got opened before using those numbers.
Good luck.
Ken Dunckel

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