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Protectall Safe

Posted by Raymond, New York on July 27, 2008 at 00:26:02:

My grandmother recently passed away and my uncle spent quite a bit of time trying to open her Protectall safe even with the combination. He eventually succeeded but wasnít quite sure what he did that worked. We had an estate sale this weekend and someone closed and locked the safe and now we canít get the safe open again. There isnít anything in it (I guess my grandmother hid the gold bars somewhere else) but I would like to use the safe at my house.

I have what appears to be the original tag with the combination (and instructions if you call them that) but despite dozens of attempts I have made no progress.

The tag says:

Left: 4 times to XX
Right: 3 times to XX
Left: 2 times to XX
Right: to Click

I assumed that left was CCW and right was CW but at this point have tried is dozens of times both ways.

Also, the safe has two 'markers' on the ring around the dial. One is just is approximately 11 o'clock and the other looks to be just past 12 o'clock. I tried using both to no avail.

Can anyone provide any help/instructions to open the safe?

I appreciate any help.


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