In Memory of Troy Mitchell, CSM3305

The Non-Tech Forum is closed for a day and will re-open tomorrow, October 31 at 10:00 AM Pacific time.

The purpose of the closure is to give the ClearStar Membership a time for quietness and reflection in the memory of ClearStar member
Troy Mitchell, CSM3305 who was shot in the routine course of his locksmith work.

As reported on ClearStar Thursday by Troy's friend and ClearStar member, Tom Gillingham..."Troy apparently went to make a key for a car at an apartment complex at 10:00 Wednesday morning, October 28/2009, where he was shot in the face as he sat in the 'customer's' car. He was then robbed."

Troy lived 2 more days but died late last night. Troy leaves behind five children still living at home, two other sons and a loving wife.

Press Release from Troy's family...

"Troy was an ALOA Member, IAIL Member, TOOL Member,
ClearStar Member, and a retired Marine of 22 years who served in two wars and was present at the Pentagon during 9/11.

He was tragically shot in the eye by a group of thugs while on a locksmith job. According to police he likely never even knew it was coming. Troy leaves behind a wife and seven children (five of which are still at home). No arrangements have been made yet. As more information becomes available we will pass it along. Please keep the Mitchell family in your prayers."

From the Jackson Sun Newspaper...

"Troy Mitchell is a retired 22-year Marine combat veteran who served in several conflicts, including Bosnia and Iraq. He was recognized for his service with a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star and other citations."

Even in his death Troy is serving others through the donation of his organs to transplant recipients. Let us remember Troy as we go about our work as Locksmiths and Safe-Techs. And let Troy's passing serve to remind us to be extra cautious and aware of our surroundings as we do.

Anyone wishing to help out Troy's family may send cards and or financial assistance to the address below. Thank you  -- Jay

Family of Troy Mitchell
110 Swink Road
Medon, TN 38356-9139