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Re: Herring Hall Marvin Value & Age

Posted by Dave LaBarge, CPS-CML-CMS on November 01, 2011 at 07:07:36:

In Reply to: Herring Hall Marvin Value & Age
posted by
Irv, Idaho on October 26, 2011 at 11:16:13:


Herring Hall Marvin was a very popular fire safe company during the last century. They were purchased by Diebold, Inc. in 1959 although their name was used long after that date.

HHM safes are seen for sale a lot on Craigslist and other areas where safes are commonly sold. Your safe may be worth a couple of hundred dollars to the right buyer but they're hard to find these days...

Depending on your safes location it may cost more to have it removed than the value of the safe which is why they are found in old buildings, behind walls and staircases, etc. Of course if you have the capability to remove and deliver it yourself and not get injured in the process then it will be worth more to the buyer.

Do not let an in-experienced person or company move it from your property or you just may be liable for possible injuries if they should occur.

Check Craigslist in your area and price it in the range others are selling for and hope for the best!

Dave LaBarge
LaBarge Lock and Safe Technicians

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