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Re: J.J. Taylor value?

Posted by Ron Gunter on July 19, 2011 at 10:43:30:

In Reply to: J.J. Taylor value?
posted by
Rachel, windsor ON on July 02, 2011 at 16:41:10:

I am sorry you had to read the previous reply, people like that should not bother to reply to posts like yours.
I am a lock and safe tech in Halifax, and to answer you question, in my opinion the safe is going to cost you money if you want to get it out of the building as it really has no resale value unless you are able to find an excentric in your area that has been looking for a safe like that all of his/her life, unfortunatly it is not like finding and antique car (or an old Ford truck as our friend so elequently put it) in a garage of a home that you just purchased.
I have over the years charged folks like you to remove safes just like yours, reconditioned the safe(s) and then kept them in storage until just the right buyer came along, and then sold the safe for a few hundred $ just to get it out of my warehouse and to get some return on my investment.
Safes today only have true value if they have a label for fire or burgarly protection. i.e. UL (US) or ULC (in Canada), and any product made by J&J Taylor (until the 1960's) had no label, however they did make a product that was excellent in quality and in many cases superior to safes built today that do have labels.
J&J Taylor, like many other safe manufacturers of the era did do custom painting of their clients names on the door which was certainly a nice touch.
My advice, if you need a quality safe and insurance regulations (UL/ULC labels) are not a concern, have a qualified safe technician come in to service it, and use it for yourself for another 50 years!

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