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J&J Taylor

Posted by John, Ontario on April 14, 2010 at 10:36:37:

I received an old J&J Taylor S/N 47112 with a S&G dial from
an old family member. A great uncle used to keep his service
medals from the 1st and 2nd wars in it as well as other
items of sentimental value but no one is sure if there is
anything of value left in it. It stands about 36" with
wheel base and is about 26x28". Hand painted etc. From my
understanding the safe was manufactured sometime between
1855 and 1927 when the company folded.

My question is this, without having received the combination
to unlock it, how accurate does the turning of the dial have
to be? Is it required to be directly on the combo number?
I have a steth to use, but as for placement to determine
tumbler release I am not sure. It's possible that the safe
has been drilled previously as there are 2 holes which
appear to have been filled.

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated as we would
like to be able to use this beautiful safe to store some of
our memories as well.

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