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SLS Combination

Posted by Dan on January 17, 2010 at 15:33:37:

I inherited an english SLS (Mather and Platt) safe. It comes with two long keys. I have some possible combinations, but the combos haven't worked so far. One note says Left 38 x 4, Right 11 x 3, Left 45 x 2, Right to 05, 85 or 95. Another note says 38x3, 11x2, 45x1, then 05,85 or 95.

Couple questions:

- Does position of key matter when dialing the combination?
- Do you start clockwise or counter-clockwise?
- If you start counter-clockwise and stop on the first number (38), should you then pass the number 2x, 3x or 4x before stopping on the second number (11)?
- Is the last number 05, 95, 85 or something else?
- Should last number stop the dial? I have one safe where the dial stops turning when you hit the 95.

Thanks for your help.

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