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Re: Sears & Robuck tower safe

Posted by Ken Dunckel Safecracker Boxman on December 10, 2009 at 04:29:24:

In Reply to: Sears & Robuck tower safe
posted by
james keyeS Spencerport NY on December 09, 2009 at 15:21:11:

You need to hire a safe technician, preferably one who knows how to manipulate. Ask before hiring.

Manipulation is not just trying a bunch of combinations, though it might seem that way if you watch someone do it.

Manipulation doesn't always work out to be time or cost effective, sometimes your manipulator will drill to open it. All manipulators can drill, not all drillers can manipulate.

When done neatly, drilling to open is not the end of the world or the safe.

Yes, you'll need to also make a cost decision as to whether to spend the money to have it opened and made usable, or whether to tear it open yourself and destroy it in the name of satisfying your curiosity.

Don't bother telling the safe technician that the price of opening and repairing rivals the cost of a new safe. Chances are he or she has already heard that many times over.

I can't count how many times callers have threatened me with "I can buy a new safe for that price" as if I should be ashamed or something. Some of todays safe makers can pop out hundreds of units per day. I can only open and repair so many per day.

Factor all the other little costs of tearing your own safe open (if you can) and buying new.

Time and effort opening (depends on how you value yours)

Removal and disposal of old -- more time and effort.

Going shopping for new (time and effort) you do need to learn a little about what you're buying and why one is better than another (unless you shop at the big box stores who rely on unschooled consumers)

Actual cost of whatever you buy -- money.

Time and effort of bringing it home and placing it.

Are we saving money yet?

Again, you need to compare total cost to you for one solution or the other. You are the only qualified judge of which is most preferable.

Last option is to leave it be -- free, no time, no effort, no money spent.

Think it over and choose well.
Ken Dunckel

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