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Hall Jewelers Safe w/consolidated

Posted by Anderson, Colorado on October 29, 2009 at 22:11:38:

Our family just picked up a new safe, a Halls Premier
Jewelers safe with consolidated time lock. I had a few
questions I was hoping I might get answered here.
How many of these halls premier jewelers safes are still
I'm guessing weight at 4-5K lbs? I can't weight it, am I
close on my guess?
The only thing missing is the upper compartment key lock.
Would it be better to retro-fit that compartment? or wait to
replace with original?
Had some help on trying to date this but not 100% sure 1886-
1888? are we close?
Serial numbers on locks are 8443 primary, and 8344
secondary, Consolidated case says 1523 on door and 5371 on
dials. On rear of case is also stamped 5371 matching dials.
Thanks in advance for your help and information. It is
always appriciated.
Here's a link to some pictures.

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