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Re: combo for safe 44 91 49

Posted by Burns Rescue Locksmith on August 29, 2009 at 14:24:47:

In Reply to: combo for safe 44 91 49
posted by
Salvione on August 28, 2009 at 12:06:37:

Well like Ken said you did not give enough information for us to help.

However if I had to guess I would guess that you have not opened many combination safe locks and that you are probably dialing it like a master combination padlock. Plus with this much guessing I would have to play the odds and guess it was a S&G 6730 type lock and not something like a Dexter or a Mosler or many other locks that requires different dialing.

Then if my Johnny Carson act works then start at zero and turn the dial four turns counter clockwise stopping right on the first number.

Then turn the dial clockwise past your first number twice and stopping on your second number. (if you went even a little past it start over)

Then turn the dial counter clockwise passing your second number once and stopping on your third number. (if you went passed the number even a little start over)

Then turn the dial clockwise slowly until the dial stops turning and then turn the bolt control handle opening the safe door.

If this does not work; if there is no bolt control handle; if the last turn of the dial does not stop then my guesses were wrong.

We then need more information like make of safe, what the dial looks like how many numbers on the dial does it have an opening handle(bolt control handle) does the dial have a finger grip in the center, if it has a bolt control handle and you put opening pressure on it does the dial stop turning until you release pressure. Good luck and let us know what happens. Bob Burns

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