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Re: Are lock sports legal in NC?

Posted by Ken DUnckel Safecracker Boxman on July 13, 2009 at 05:24:53:

In Reply to: Are lock sports legal in NC?
posted by
Michael Palmer on July 12, 2009 at 12:21:33:

Michael, interesting term, ("lock sports"), haven't seen that applied to skill sets in this industry before.

Regarding lock picks and such, you'll have to check your own state laws about legality of owning lock-opening equipment, however, because it varies.

As for manipulation, none of our 50 states have any laws (yet) about knowing how to do something and also owning eyes, ears, and fingers. Written and otherwise published information about locks and safes is not illegal to own, sell, or even to read (what a concept).

Most purveyors of information and training on manipulation want you to be in the lock and safe industry, but again, laws on what constitutes "(in the the industry") vary widely. In some states it's about as simple as having business cards printed that say you are.

California has (largely ignored or at best unenforced) laws about locksmith licensing, but no before-the-fact learning requirement to make applicants eligible for that license. California also has a set of legal requirements about what a locksmith must do when opening cars or making car keys, but as far as I know there isn't even a whisper of a requirement about legal requirements for people who open safes, other than that we must have licenses that nobody ever checks. Ain't it cool?

Somes states have no laws, some have laws and requirements.

Funny that you would want to learn manipulation for the sport of it all -- lots of people with years in my industry act very pained indeed when questioned as to why they never learned to manipulate, or why they spent the time and money learning, but still don't do it.

The answers range from
"Been meaning to learn but never got around to it"
"I took a course in once but never did nuthin with it after the class"
"I understand how it works but I'm out of practice"
Lots more like that, but also a lot of blank looks, which are answers in themselves.
Ken Dunckel
Safecracker Boxman

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