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Re: 2007 Nissan Titan Key

Posted by Jeffrey R Rosen on June 05, 2009 at 14:07:19:

In Reply to: 2007 Nissan Titan Key
posted by
Dan Dixon, USA on June 05, 2009 at 10:07:52:

Find a locksmith in Germany that uses Advanced Diagnostics or Silca programmers, I am sure that they can handle this application.

If they require separate US Version SOFTWARE, surely they can buy it, though they may charge you a portion of their cost to do this.

You definitely want them to use a true RFID chip type key. They also may have an after market type key, but be SURE it is not a battery powered, as that type of key will fail.... sooner or later.

Others will advocate the battery keys as cheaper or easier, it is a matter of professional difference of opinion.

Jeff Rosen
City Lock


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