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value of antique safe

Posted by Bob Yor, Indianapolis on January 25, 2009 at 12:09:33:

I am interested in selling a cast iron safe that is from an old railroad station. The description is as follows:

Fully functioning safe in good condition with a combination lock using revolving dial to dial 4 numbers.

If the interior of the exterior door, covered with a metal plate, is indicative, I believe the safe is lined with concrete. This safe is portable by use of its wheels but is very heavy.

Height = 40 inches (includes 4-iron wheels)
Depth = 24 3/4 inches
Width = 26 inches

Inside plate of exterior door has this in gold lettering: "Victor Safe & Lock Co.
Cincinnati. O."

Behind inside of exterior door plate attached to exterior door by 8 bolts, is the hand-painted number "438"

On the interior door - lockable by key - is the following: a circular symbol with gold lettering of the words "In Hoc Signo Vincimus" in arched form, followed by the image of an eagle in the middle, below which is the word "Victor," below which is the image of a broken key, below which is the number "1885," below which is the word "trademark."

Inside of safe has flowered carpet on bottom and 8 shelved cubicles of varying size. The top left cubicle contains a metal door that is also lockable by key.

I would appreciate knowing the value range of this safe.

Thank you.

Bob York
317 842-8000
Indianapolis, Indiana

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