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York Ely-Norris cannonball safe with timelock

Posted by Vlad, Minneapolis, MN on June 04, 2008 at 00:10:56:

Hello again,

Just wanted to share some pictures of my 'new' Ely-Norris cannonball safe. Please check them out at I have extaracted it from a banks vault in nothern Iowa. The name of the bank is on the safe. Everything is original and complete, all the timelock keys there. Timelock functions great.Finish is very well preserved. However, from temperature/humidity fluctuation in the vault, the finish underlayer got loose, causing the paint to crack, 'breathe' and chip off easily. To remedy this problem I've sprayed several coats of Krylon triple-thick glaze. This helped a lot -- finish now stays put, not sure for how long. Because the safe is so nicely preserved overall, I was thinking of not refinishing it. Instead I would like to patch up the areas where the finish is gone. Any pointers here? One guy told me that a color-matched epoxy might do the trick.

Also, any kind of info about this type of safe is will be highly appreciated. Like old catalog, maybe? What might be a value of such safe in the condition shown? The safe is ~45 inches high, weights ~3,500 lbs. Timelock alone went for ~$1000 in eBay not long ago...

Thanks again.


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