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Early Diebold bank safe with Yale double dial and pin timelock

Posted by Vlad, Minneapolis, MN on June 03, 2008 at 16:31:06:

Hi, everyone.

I'm looking for any information on the an antique early Diebold bank safe with Yale double dial lock and pin timelock I have recently purchased. It has an internal vault with another two (!) Diebold-Kienzle scissor locks. The safe is all mag. steel and weights at least 4500 lbs. The Yale lock has Paris exposition medals replicas on the wheel packs and was featured in American Heritage article I came across recently.

The safe is in original, unrestored condition, with the external finish pretty much gone -- paint cracked and chipped away. The timelock is complete except and runs well. The glass had unfortunately been replaced. The double dial Yale lock is in imazing condition. It was a bit sticky, but I cleaned it with WD40, whiped it clean and lightly lubricated with 3-in-one oil. Only after that I read that WD40 is not recommended. Any particular lubricant I should use, made especially for safe/vault locks?

Anybody have a copy of some kind of reference or a link to one -- I'll appreciate it very much. Might be tough to come by -- one locksmith told me he had only seen three such locks in his lifetime. Same goes for any info on this early model safe and pin timelock. Maybe someone has an old Diebold ad or a manual with this safe in it? I'll appreciate it very much...

Also -- any tips as far as cleaning/restoration goes? I'm pretty sure I would like to restore it, but I want to do it right. Anybody knows a good safe restouration person/company in Minneapolis/St. Paul area?

My email is vlad0002[at], if somebody wants to contact me directly.

Again, any information would be much appreciated.


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