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Old Safes and where to find information on them

Posted by Brian Davis, Indianapolis on May 31, 2008 at 22:44:44:

I was trying to gather some data on old safes and found a link to this website so I figure I'll ask anyone here. I need to find somewhere I can locate any and all available information on safes made in the early 1700's on up to the early 1800's.Information reguarding to what they are made of, what are encased in between the metal wall linings, what kind of metal is used, average weight of differnent models, popular models for different demographic and geographic ares (if possible), etc. Basically just general informatio I may be able to be linked to so that I can look through any available records myself or have most questions answered by a very knowledgable historian. Thank you. With Reguards, Brian.

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