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Have the COMBO dont know the SEQUENCE TO A YALE SAFE!!!!

Posted by Gary LONG CHICAGO on March 20, 2008 at 12:36:10:

I have a older safe with YALE combination lock...
I need to know the sequence to put the numbers in...
Here is the scoop..Two friends were supposed to buy they took and never paid...I kept the numbers from them in hopes they pay and I would exchange..Well the car detailing place accidentally threw away the envelope that had the numbers on them and sequence...EVEN with that paper the combo worked 2 out of 3 times ...But yeah The other day they dumped the safe on my lawn!!! Now I have a new buyer but WONT buy unless I can figure this out,,,Trust me ill playpal anyone a few bucks for an immediate correct response...
I swear it was something like turn clockwise 3 times to #1 (71) then counter back twice past to (55) then clockwise past 55 1nce and land back on 55 then turn clockwise to 31 and safe opens...
I cant remember if there was 4 numbers or 3 meaning if 55 was used twice 2 times in a row...Is this possible??? Well give me advice please on if it is a three digit or 4 digit...or maybe ill get lucky and yale only made 3 digits or something..!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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