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Re: York Safe and Lock Co. safe, age unknown

Posted by Dave LaBarge, CPS-CML-CMS on July 25, 2007 at 04:23:30:

In Reply to: York Safe and Lock Co. safe, age unknown
posted by
Phil, Merrimack New Hampshire on July 24, 2007 at 19:09:52:


York was established in 1882 but from your discription I would say your York is from the 1950's or so. I believe York was purchased by Diebold in the late 1950's-early 1960's, but the York name was still used afertwards.

I'm familar with the "rectangular metal label" York used and that's also another clue that your safe is "on the newer" side. Your statement that "at the very least, there appears to be a sheet metal back cover, which I have not attempted to remove" tells me you may have a York data safe...possibly.

To get the safe open and have a good usuable safe instead of a "swiss cheesed piece of sheet metal" you will need to hire a professionl safe technician. A pro can open the safe for a reasonable price either by manipulation or by drilling a small hole and repairing it to a usable safe.

Whether the opening price is worth it to you depends if you plan to use it afterward or try to recover the opening price by selling it.

I wouldn't count on anything being's the most common question I get asked when opening a customers safe..right along side the next you ever use explosives to open a safe...

Both have similar answers...nothing and no!

Anyway, if you would like it opened I get over the new Hampshire way a couple of times a year for work, I'm in the Albany, New York area. Feel free to contact me by email if interested.

Dave LaBarge

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