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Locksmithing Books

Posted by Victor Smith on November 10, 2006 at 10:10:02:

I have a person interested in my locksmithing books but I
Need someone to give me a ballpark value for them. I have
The list in MSWord and will post it here. I need a value for
The entire listings. I have no idea of there value because I have been away from the trade too many years.
Thanks to anyone that can give me a figure.
Send me your figure at:

1973 June – Dec
1974 Jan – Dec
1975 Jan – Dec
1976 Jan – Dec
1977 Jan – Dec
1978 Jan – Dec
1978 Jan – Dec
1979 Jan – Dec
1980 Jan – Dec
1981 Jan – Dec
1982 Jan – Dec (missing Mar)
1983 Jan – Dec
1984 Jan – Dec
1985 Jan – Dec
1986 Jan – Dec
1987 Jan – Dec
1988 Jan - Jun
Lock Servicing Vol 1 - 5
Exploded Lock Views Vol 1 – 3
Locksmith’s Automotive Guide Vol 1,2
Law and Locksmithing
Locksmithing Law Vol 2
Electro-Mechanical Locks
Electro Mechanical Devices
Padlock Handbook
Combinations for Master Padlocks
Key Codes for Master Padlocks
Master Combination Padlock “V” Series 01 - 29,000
Master Combination Padlock “9” Series 900,001 – 903,072
Master Combination Padlock “B” Series 70,001 – 93,000
Master Combination Padlock “B” Series 93,001 – 115,200
Reed Padlock Code Book Index (for Vol 1,2,3,4)
Chicago Charts and Equivalent Codes
“K” Series for Yale Combination Padlock
National Lock Co “Rockford” Combinations
Slayamaker Padlock Combinations
001A – 1000A
001B – 1000B
001C – 1000C
001D – 150D
Illinois Charts and Equivalent Codes
Mini-Master Systems
Master Key Systems
Master Keying “Brush Method”
Techniques of Locksmithing
General Advanced Locksmithing
Gimmicks for Locksmiths
Practical Tips for Locksmiths
Helpful Methods for Modern Locksmiths
Money Makers for Modern Locksmiths
Profitable Ideas and Handicraft for Locksmiths
Locksmiths Notebook
Short Tricks
ABC’s of Code Work
Avenues to Good Locksmithing
Trade Ways for Locksmiths
Codes and Where to Find Them
Technical Tips for Locksmiths
Door Closer Repair Manual Vol #1
Handicraft for Locksmiths
Picks Tips and Tricks (plus 1979 GM Codes)
Profitable Ideas for Locksmiths
How To Do It for Locksmiths
Locksmithing Simplified Procedures
Pin Points
Professional Procedures for Locksmiths
How to Open Locks Without Keys or Picks
Builders Hardware Course for Locksmiths
Know How for Locksmiths
Selective Suggestions for Professional Locksmiths
Alarm Guide
Spacings & Depths (Import)
Spacings & Depths
How to Make Keys by the Impression Method
ABC’s of Locksmithing and Keymaking
Spaceage – Tips for the Locksmith
Code Review

Reed General Code Book Vol 1 & 2
Reed General Code Book Vol 4,5,6,7
Keying & Servicing Foreign Car Locks
Reed Code Book
Reed Padlock Code Book Vol 1,2,3,4
Reed Padlock Code Book #4234

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