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Every now and then a  situation arises that calls for a review of the Marketplace Forum usage guidelines. This is it. 

From the beginning I have tried to maintain a balance between the interests of Members and Sponsors. It's not easy but for the most part it has worked out pretty well.

Most of our Sponsors fit the usual mold of being either a Manufacturer, Distributor or Service Provider and have been so long before the existence of ClearStar.

Some of our Members have been Members first and upon becoming Sponsors have found the extra exposure profitable. New products have been launched and businesses expanded into other areas right here on ClearStar.

The Marketplace Forum is intended for the use of both individual Members and Sponsors. It has always been that way and will continue to be so. We've had 23,566 posts on the Marketplace since it's inception. The overwhelming majority of these posts are made by Members.

The real question seems to be whether or not an individual Member should consider becoming a Sponsor and if so, when?

The following examples may help to clarify things.

You should NOT worry about becoming a Sponsor and feel free to post on the Marketplace Forum if...
  • You purchased 23 special widgets for a job and later found you only needed 20 of them.

  • You are looking for a couple of new widgets.

  • You want to buy some used widgets.

  • You want to sell some used widgets obtained from a job site where you sold new widgets to replace the old widgets with.

  • You just bought a new key machine and want to sell your old one.

  • You are closing down your shop and want to dispose of your inventory and or tools.

You should consider becoming a Sponsor if...

  • You are a Manufacturer, Distributor or Service Provider who initially joined ClearStar as an individual Member but would now like to start promoting your business.

  • You have developed a new product and would like to Market it on ClearStar.

  • You find it profitable to buy out other inventories or businesses and then re-sell those items to other locksmiths and safe-techs.

  • You become a Rep for someone else and want to promote the products you rep for.

  • You buy things with the intention of reselling them to others, including the members of ClearStar.

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