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The following files are available for down-loading to your computer.
Author descriptions follow...
Just Click on the filename to begin a down-load.
You will need an unzipping program to extract *.zip files.

  pkunzip.exe      29 Kb   version 2.04g for DOS

		   	   typical usage from DOS command line is...

			   pkunzip.exe filename

Shareware programs provided courtesy of...

 Steve Graham, CML

 Data Logic

 1820 Reliance Pkwy. Ste# 500

 Bedford, Tx. 76021

 (817) 267-8022  Fax (817) 571-1991

 Email:  Compuserve 75740,1725  AOL: DTLGC



Magazine Cross Reference Program 162 Kb .zip compressed file DOS A Database of Magazine Articles from National Magazines such as: Keynotes, Locksmith Ledger, National Locksmith, Safe & Vault Technology, Security Reporter etc... Uses: Tips, Techniques, Auto Service, Auto Openings, Safe Information, Helpful when researching "test" questions. The Shareware Database contains articles from 1990 thorugh late 1994. The registered program contains information to late 1995. Yearly Updates are available as a quarterly subscription. ============================================================================

Master Key Plus v4.01 Program 171 Kb .zip compressed file DOS MKPLUS will generate systems from 2 - 8 levels in a matter of seconds. Select manufacturer on screen from many Standard MFG's as well as BEST IC A2-A4, Sargent IC, and Corbin/Russwin IC, and ASSA (Non IC). Many options and configuration parameters may be altered, (if needed) such as: Stepping factor, MACS, Pin Sizes, Rotation sequences per level, Number ordering, and Hold/Vary. Virtually no limit on the number of change keys up to 200,000. Simple user interface, Change key descriptions, Detailed pinning charts, and store generated systems to disk. Very flexible shareware.

Freeware program provided courtesy of...

Greg Brandt, CRL


M-KEY v2.0 Masterkey Software 50 Kb .zip compressed file DOS M-KEY is a simple, uncomplicated program to allow quick generation of masterkey systems that should handle most all your needs. M-KEY allows the locksmith to set bitting parameters such as M.A.C.S., rotating constants, order of constant rotation, etc. You may also modify the bitting array to allow some creative techniques in key creation. M-KEY is very quick and easy to use. This program will print a very concise bitting list with your company name in the heading. M-KEY is freeware.

Be sure to register any shareware program you find useful.

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