Security Industry Trade Publications...
  Keynotes  			Official International Publication of the
  3003 Live Oak Street    	     Associated Locksmiths of America
  Dallas, Texas 75204
				Phone	214-827-1701
				FAX	214-827-1810
				from the Internet	[E-Mail gif]

The Canadian Locksmith Magazine Phone 905-294-0660 Arnold Sintnicolaas Publisher Fax 905-295-0394 137 Vaughan Road Toronto Ontario M6C 2L9 from the Internet [E-Mail gif]

The Locksmith Ledger Phone 847-692-5940 850 Busse Highway Fax 847-692-4604 Park Ridge, Illinois 60068 from the Internet [E-Mail gif]

The National Locksmith Phone 630-837-2044 1533 Burgundy Parkway Fax 630-837-1210 Streamwood, Illinois 60107 from AOL... NATLLOCK from the Internet [E-Mail gif]
Commercial Publications...
  Keyways			Phone	708-671-6280
  HPC, Inc.			FAX	708-671-6343
  P.O.Box 2093
  Schiller Park, Illinois 60176

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