Nissan Maxima keyless keypad instructions with pics
Posted by David Taylor - Ada, OK - USA - on January 09, 2002 at 20:28:13:

I know some of you have already seen this. I posted this a few days ago in an existing thread. But I am posting again to give everybody a chance to see it. I am also adding a few more keywords for future Clearstar searches.

This should work for all Nissan Maximas of the body style shown. Maybe other Nissan models as well.

Remove only the screws circled with yellow.
The red will hold the parts of the glovebox together making removal and reinstallation easier.

But you don't have to remove the glovebox at all if you can lay on your back with a bright flashlight and read the correct numbers from the keyless module.

The correct fixed code is the last 7 digits on the sticker.

90's Nissan Maxima keypad keyless buttons

Maybe Jay can put these images on Clearstar's server so they will be of more use.

The instructions (not the pictures) came directly from the owner's manual.