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1200 Cards to ITL Numbers XRef

Application1200 Card #ITL #Notes
Peaks /L12506enter cuts tip to bow, 1P insert
Peaks/L12809bow to tip/not programmed yet
American Motors /01C125pre 1970 rambler
Arrow / 03C227standard
Best A2 /01C354-
American Motors /02C4241970+ jeep, I.H. disc
Chicago /06C595disc, chicago, fort, single sided
Chicago /01C690pins, all 4 and 5 space
Chrysler /02C7971959-1967 waffer, trunk and GB
Chrysler /01C896most 1939-1967, pins, BP, CA, CB, CJ
Chrysler /03C9981968, DP, DS
Chrysler /04C10991969+ Pin, EP, ES
Corbin CCL /L1C11806AJE, CAT, Etc
Corbin, CCL /05C121164R-9R direct digit, tip to bow
Corbin, CCL /06C12117B4R-4T direct digit, tip to bow
Corbin /02C13111X bow, pre system 70
Corbin /04C14113Z bow, pre system 70
Dexter /01C15141.020 increment, pre 1969
Dexter /02C16142.015 increment, 1969 on
Master DexterC16142-
Dexter /03C17143close space pin, obsolete
Eagle, Lori /04C181543 or 5 spaces
Eagle /05C19155small pin, short space
Eagle /06C20153small pin, long space
Eagle-Harlock-Lori /01C21151large pin
Ford /01C221841935-1951
Ford /02C231851935-1951, single sided
Ford/03C241861965 and up, pins, dbl. sided
General Motors /02C251951936 up, SEE SPECIAL CUTTING INFO.
Hudson /02C26219Old only!!!!
Hudson /02C26222New & H20
Ilco /04C27235AH & F
Ilco /08C28239Ilco, Lockwood, standard
LockwoodC28266Ilco, Lockwood, standard
Ilinois /01C29192Single sided
American /01 (Junkunc)C3026Pins
Kwikset /02C312655 & 6 pin
Lockwood /02C32267small pin
Lockwood /03C3386sectional - not L1
Master /02C34288small pin!
Master /01C35287standard
National Rockford /04C37316disc
National Rockford /09C39322letter box
National Rockford /10C3945regular pin tumbler, 1069L etc.
National Rockford /2C40314Large pin
Russwin /06C41380Not system 70,
Russwin /05C42379Sectional 1011D1 etc not system 70
Sargent /02C43389U, 1010, etc.
Sargent /01C44388Sectional and S (LA etc.)
Schlage /01C45391pins
Taylor /01C47411disk file cabs.
Taylor /03C48413small pin, file cabs.
Taylor /02C49412large pin
Weiser /02C50167Weiser, Falcon, .018 increment
Welch /01C51467pins
Weslock /01C52468pins
XL /02C53475pin, X-series
XL /01C54474pin, K-series
Yale /14C55479regular disk, hudson, llco
Yale /13C56384small pin, S&G
Yale /01C57476standard large pin, .019 increment
PlatinumC102805Clark Patinum, Ilco
Master /L1C103801Pro Series
ASSACEX141twin 6000,
Pontiac LeMans CF2053491988+, S series etc.
General Motors /03CF2065141991+, Alpha Tec Ign.
Saturn, GM /04CF2071001991+, R, T series
General Motors /05CF2155191994+,
Ford Aspire (KIA)CF30352110 cut, B series
Corbin-Russwin /06CX6122Z bow, system 70, NCH etc.
Chicago /05CX1494Steelcase, S100-S190, KP9
National Rockford /L1CX15808Double sided Disc
Lori /L1CX2780280 Keyway
Hudson /05CX32224T-handles, for X enter 10
Ford /05CX5618810 cut
TiawanCX58804LSDA, E-Z Set Etc
Chrysler /05CX59100G 0000-1394
Chrysler /06CX60515J0001-3580, 1993+, Y155
Ford /06CX1015228-cut, 0001X-1706X, 1996+
Chrysler /L1CX1025158 cut, 1998+
Honda Cycle /02MC30209101-820, 121-840, 1977+
Honda Cylce /04MC3121300007-99998,
Honda Cycle /03MC32212T 3,4,5,6 direct digit, use last 3 #'s of code
Honda Cycle /06MC33215T 2,6,7,8,9, direct
Honda Cycle /05MC37214A&B 01-99
Kawasaki /08MC50259KZ&K 5000-5999
Kawasaki /L1MC51A807B8000-9000
Kawasaki /04MC55253401-450, 901-925
Suzuki /01MC70406101-499
Suzuki /04MC715236001-7000
Yamaha /04MC80496check ITL specs
Yamaha /05MC814973101-4900
Yamahanone810614-627 x18, x39 YH43, YH19
VW /12AXF3445shoulder side
VW /12BXF3444plain side
VW /13XF4446FGK125
VW /14XF4446FGK126
Volvo /04XF51460X29,30
Volvo /05XF52461X80,140
Nissan /02XF60136M, N, Subaru F, W
Mazda /04XF64294X26, 27
Mazda /05XF65295X131
Nissan /04XF67138X, Y
Mazda /07XF6829710100-12099 series
Honda Auto /04XF722051001-1700, 2001-2700, X71,129,130
Honda Auto /05XF732111001-2700, 3001-4481, X128, 181,165,183,208
Honda Auto /06XF745105001-8442, Acura
Toyota /04XF80285D,F,K,P,R,S, Isuzu/Luv, Mits., Hyundai T80R
Toyota /06XF81421A, N, T, T80V, T80U
Toyota /05XF824161001-6500, T81B
Isuzu/GM, Toy, /00XF8588A8001-9400
Chevrolet (Nova) /02XF86285R&S series, Toyota
Toyota /07XF87512S0001-2000, X151
Toyota /08XF88196X174, Daihatsu, Colt, Eagle, Mits.
Geo Tracker XF89507Suzuki sidekick
Alfa, Fiat, Yugo XF9620Ign, K,S,T, X152
Hyundai /01XF201231X0001-1000, X160,196,
Yugo /01XF203498G3001-4530
Cadillac Allente' /01XF20479VA series
Toyota /09XF20851310,000-15,000, Geo
Toyota /10XF209516N series, Corolla wagon

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