Here are the Discovery door pix somebody wanted last week

Posted by David Taylor - Ada, OK - USA - on June 08, 2003 at 11:58:09:

This is from a 99 Discovery.

Remove the T25 screw on the edge of the door and push forward about 1/4". Then you can pull out the handle and unsnap the linkage. It might be easier if you remove the panel. It comes off easy but has some weird plastic retainers that might break.

Remove the snap ring and screw for facecap. You don't have to remove the roll pin.

Here is the plug. It is kind of tip stopped. An X239 has a tip that is too long. And because the ignition is shoulder stopped the tip and shoulder have to be related. There is a hardened piece before the first tumbler. It won't effect making a key.

Here is the plug again with all tumblers and notice the large spring loaded piece at the tip.

Here is a closeup of that piece. It stops the key on the slope. This is why most people have a hard time making keys for these that will fit the ignition and door. Don't use an X170 for the ignition because it will get stuck. Part of the bow will hit the clear plastic light when you push to lock. Exactly like the 6 depth Hondas when you use a blank that is too short.

With the facecap removed this white piece might fall off. Just snap it back on.

It might be easier to remove the panel to install the lock because of the long tailpiece that has to mate with a plastic piece.