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LCcsm0017 C.D. Lipscomb, CML, CPS, CAL, CIL - Corsicana, TX - USA - on December 21, 2011 at 14:18:53
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Dean Sperlin, CRL - Truckee, CA - USA - on December 21, 2011 at 09:32:42
Hi Dean,

This is something from a class I teach. It works as far as decoding a Sentry Bar Code. Much of this information I got on ClearStar. On the old ones, the master code is on the PC board. On the newer ones, it is on the solinoid. I hope this helps.


On older Sentry Electronics, the bar code containing the master code shoule be on the PC board available from outside by removing the keypad.

The next slide shows the "Factory" suggested method of opening the Electronic Safes. You MIGHT NOT want to do it this way.

The older Sentry safes can be spiked open as shown. The older style is marked by haveing two wires leading from the PC board into the safe. The keylocks pick very easy.

The "New Style" has a serial number on the underneath of the keypad body. The New Style series is marke by having 4 wires from the keypad PC Board to the Soliniod inside. This cannot be spiked from outside. It is easiest to call and buy the master code which will allow one to reset the lock. It sometimes costs $10-$15 for that code. You need to be registered with Sentry prior to trying obtain that code from them. Sentry Code Support is (877) 736-8794. If you are not specifically registered with them, they will ask you for your ALOA number. That is another benefit of ALOA membership.

If you can get the safe open, the only bar code that has the Master Code is on the Solinoid itself.

The bar code containing the Master Code is on the bottom of Solinoid as shown. In Yellow are the code numbers. I edited them into that picture. The code as you would see it is encoded. You HAVE to decode it. It is NOT printed on it in numberals.

The following is the method for decoding the Sentry Bar Code manually. It is easier to scan the code with a bar code scanner on your smart phone, but if you have to do it manually, this is the best method.

The following is the Sentry method of using the master code and changing the user codes as taken from the Sentry documentation. The Master Code cannot be changed. To change the master code on a Sentry safe, you must change the solinoid. So, keep all the used soliniods from the safes you open for future changes.

This method has been tested and works well. I hope this helps someone, sometime.


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