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Search Hints

This search facility performs a case-INsensitive search using a number of keywords. You don't need to put quotes around search words.

The asterisk * wildcard character can be used at the END of a string of characters as little as one in length. However, 3 or more characters will yield much more useful results.

You can use the boolean operators... and, or, not in searching. Without boolean operators, the search will assume you are and-ing the words together. Evaluation takes place from left to right only, although you can use parentheses to force the order of evaluation.

Some examples;

example 1: schlage or kwikset and depth

This search evaluates the expression from left to right.

example 2: schlage and (depth or not kwikset)

This search will also be evaluated from left to right, but the operation in parentheses will be evaluated first.

example 3: not (schlage or kwikset) and depth

schlage or kwikset will be evaluated first, a not operation will be performed on that, then everything will be and-ed with depth.

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