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Lcsm0355   Tom Appel, CPL - Berkeley, CA - USA - Sponsor: A.C. Lock Service, Inc.
June 07, 2019 at 23:17:48   
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Rick Duskiewicz, CJIL - New York City, NY - USA -
June 07, 2019 at 16:22:45

There are a few factors you guys are overlooking.

Most of the houses in Berkeley were built during the turn of the century. There are still numerous Corbin, Russwin, Sargent, Yale, and other mortise locks on the front doors of these homes.

There are numerous hacks, scammers, and DIYers that over tighten mortise cylinders.

Believe me, after thirty-one years, I know a few tricks.

If I just threw away forty-five dollars, it would not be the first time. On the other hand, the first time I encounter a Baldwin that is in excellent shape but, the cylinder is over tightened, I may smile and think "I have a specialized tool and I know exactly where it is."

Tom 165142

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