Re: Spin-Out Mortise Cylinder Remover
LCcsm0000   Rick Duskiewicz, CJIL - New York City, NY - USA -
June 07, 2019 at 16:22:45   
In Reply to Re: Spin-Out Mortise Cylinder Remover
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Arnold Sintnicolaas - Toronto, ON - Canada -
June 07, 2019 at 10:35:25

  1. Loosen set screw.
  2. Try key slightly pulled out to turn cylinder.
  3. Try blank to turn cylinder.
  4. Try channellocks or visegrips.
  5. Put on Band-Aid.
  6. Wipe blood off door.
  7. Loosen top screw.
  8. Loosen bottom screw.
  9. Loosen handles.
  10. Stick screwdriver in keyway.
  11. Think twice about that, remove screwdriver from keyway.
  12. Kick door.
  13. Suddenly remember you have a specialized tool.
  14. Look for specialized tool in toolbox.
  15. Look for specialized tool in worktruck.
  16. Look again in toolbox.
  17. Find specialized tool in toolbox.
  18. Try to remember how to use specialized tool that you found in toolbox.
  19. Use tool to remove cylinder.
  20. Throw tool back in toolbox.
  21. Think, "Hey, that worked well. I gotta remember I have that." 165136

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