3 Pick Sets, Pleather, Leather (HPC Maybe?) and Vinyl X-tras - PHOTO
Lcsm2773   Craig (The Loxmyth) Toocheck, CRL, CJS, GSAT:I - Trafford, PA - USA -
June 05, 2019 at 09:58:32   
$50.00 includes shipping in CONUS.

Check or USPS MO, please.

Post SOLD here.

The Lockmaster Lady Pickset handles are very nice.

The KLOM is $33 from Chchchna

Belt strap on pink case, so youse/yunz/y'all can proudly wear it everyday!

There are few pieces missing, and some added, not complete though.

https://www.clearstar.com/locked/market/messages/165070.htm 165070

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