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June 01, 2019 at 00:31:17   
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John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed - Shelby Township, MI - USA -
May 31, 2019 at 21:10:09

I did not have a problem with it. Until Rick said something, I had not given it much thought. It does help when the subject line contains some specifics but, I still looked at the post and it was clear enough. This is what Jay has written on the "subject" in the guidelines.

"Subject Lines:

Placing only “Want to Buy,” “WTB,” Want to Sell,” or “Looking For”
without any further details is highly discouraged.

Adding some detail in the subject line is much better for both you and potential buyers who may be interested in that particular item.

Using: “Looking for a Kwikset 2 ¾” latch” for example, is much more efficient."

There is no hard fast rule. There are suggestions and he does state that "For Sale..." "without any further details is highly discouraged."

Tom 164974

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