FS: Ilco SC-1 NS Hotel Head blanks
Lcsm3585   Kendrick Louie, CRL - Cortez, CO - USA -
May 13, 2019 at 15:02:39   
I have about 400 Ilco SC-1 Nickel Silver Hotel Head blanks (part # 1145-HA-NS) for sale. They all appear in very good condition, no tarnish or discoloration. Excellent for use as handicap keys, customers who need additional help to operate a lock, to have a large space for stamping, gas station RR keys or to have it stand out on a key ring from other keys.

These sell for $1.35 each. I'm asking .60 per blank plus shipping via USPS Flat Rate. I'll do packs of as few a 10 but prefer to do 50 at a time. I "think" 50 blanks will fit in a USPS Small Flat Rate box. Payment by check is preferred, CC if you pay the fees.


https://www.clearstar.com/locked/market/messages/164535.htm 164535

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