For Sale: Kenstan KM1-5/8-PC
Lcsm0693   Douglas Schneider, CPL - San Jose, CA - USA - Sponsor: JYD - Last Chance Hardware
May 12, 2019 at 11:08:00   
I have 4 Kenstan KM1-5/8" mini cam locks. They are new in a sealed packages. I could NOT find them in the Kenstan web site.
Across the flats they are ~ 3/8". They are 5/8" long and have flat & offset cams.
The description on the sealed bag says "*Special* 5/8" PIN TUBULAR CAM". They are Keyed Alike to 601.
I have tried taking pics and they keep coming out awful.
$20.00 plus shipping.
Doug 164521

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