Tools for sale - PHOTO
Lcsm0715   Mehdi Zahedi, CRL - Kettering, OH - USA -
May 11, 2019 at 19:04:08   
Please send the check made out to "Jerald Sparkman", and send it to the address below. Also please confirm your shipping address. Shipping in C/USA included in all sales. Thank you.

Mehdi Zahedi
3116 Allendale Dr.
Kettering, OH 45409
937-477-8988 (Cell)

HPC cylinder tap in good shape $45

Gator tool looks new $135

Tibbe pick, and lock to practice $60

"Do Not Duplicate" stamp, car opening wedges, and Rytan Kwikset plug removal tool baldes $35

two sets of Ford tryout keys $65 (No chart, probably found in archives!) 164495

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