FREE Vintage Weiser Privacy Locks - PHOTO
csm2846   Marc Cerisier - El Dorado, AR - USA -
May 11, 2019 at 14:36:49   

I have 4 knobsets—Weiser, 2-3/4" FIXED backset... 2 are brass, 2 are split finish. All are free to a good home if you pay for shipping. I've packaged them such that they'll fit in a flat-rate box. I'd rather not throw them away, but don't have a pressing need for them. The photo shows one of each type.

All were removed in perfect working condition from a 1960 house (mine) just because I wanted Schlage D-series knobs instead. Light wear and tear as would be expected of anything almost 60 years old.

Shipping would be paid via Paypal or by sending a shipping label... Carrier of your choice... I recommend USPS. First to claim it here gets it. I only check ClearStar once or twice a day, so patience, please. Do include your preferred shipping address. 164485

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