Weird deal. Scrap keys wanted
Lcsm0693   Douglas Schneider, CPL - San Jose, CA - USA - Sponsor: JYD - Last Chance Hardware
May 11, 2019 at 07:28:20   
I need 33 pounds of whole clean scrap keys. If your policy is all keys are broken in half I do NOT want those. No shavings, lock parts, cigarette butts, other garbage. I would prefer that that any key rings are removed but not a deal breaker. It can be a mix of keys, commercial, residential, auto and furniture.
They need to be put in a heavy duty plastic bag (or box) and then inside a USPS MFRB. I will Pay-Pal you $1.90 per pound and send you a shipping label. I checked locally and the junkies were paying $1.20 - 1.50.
Feel free to call me to discuss.
If any body wants to fill up a couple of USPS LFRB boxes I would be interested in talking to you.
Doug 164474

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