ITL-950C For sale - PHOTO
Lcsm0715   Mehdi Zahedi, CRL - Kettering, OH - USA -
May 10, 2019 at 15:06:40   
ITL-950C in mint condition, outfitted with a Lazy-M attachment which would have sold for $400 separately. Comes with carbide cutter, book, and all the original spacers $2200 shipped in C/USA.

If you don't want the Lazy-M attachment, I have a members name that has offered $200 for it. I don't necessarily recommend it, I have never had a bad review from anyone who bought one of the units, and they have all been in use for up to 14 years.

Please send the check made out to "Jerald Sparkman", and send it to the address below. Also please confirm your shipping address. Thank you.

Mehdi Zahedi
3116 Allendale dr.
Kettering, OH 45409
937-477-8988 (Cell) 164455

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