WTB schlage key blanks
csm2439   William (Allen) Hardin, RL - Granbury, TX - USA -
May 08, 2019 at 13:37:26   
I am Allen Hardin Owner of Hardin's Locksmith in Granbury, Texas. My Texas license number is B12131. Leonard is my contact at the Maintenance Department with Hood County, Texas. I would like to be able to purchase Schlage key blanks for their Animal Control building. I nor anyone with the County knows who the contractor was who installed the locks at the building. I was able to obtain a small number of the change key blanks but am now running out. The blanks are B124 and the control keys have R9774360 and E 12291, the change key have B124 and 003294 on them. If anyone can be of any help I would appreciate your help.

My contact information is:
Allen Hardin
Hardin's Locksmith
P.O. Box 1581
3104 Ash Court
Granbury, Texas 76048

https://www.clearstar.com/locked/market/messages/164398.htm 164398

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