For Sale: Sargent Original Mortise Cylinders - PHOTO
csm5023   Mario Wibbens - Castle Rock, CO - USA -
May 04, 2019 at 18:50:05   
For Sale:

I have the following mortise Cylinders for sale. Most of the Sargent Cylinders were pulled from a job the week after the locks were installed when we switched them out for Medeco Cylinders.

45ea Sargent LA 26D ($10 each)
7ea Sargent LA 26D still in box w/ trim ring ($10 each)
10ea Sargent RA Cores only ($5.00 each)
8ea Sargent LA x 03
4ea Sargent LA x 612 (Original Sargent)
3ea Sargent LA x 10B
3ea Yale Mortise Cylinders x 626 SC Keyway

List price is $86.00 each with cost being around $40-50 fo rthe originals. I'd like to get $10.00 per original cylinder and $5.00 each for the after market. If someone uses a lot of Sargent LA and wants them all, I'm happy to discuss a bulk buy. USPS flat rate box would be the best shipping option. Buyer pays actual shipping, no handling charges ever.

303-524-0938 164345

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