FS - All-Lock Chrysler pinning kit A6015 - PHOTO
Lcsm1857   Allen Murphy - Milwaukee, WI - USA -
May 01, 2019 at 11:35:10   
Alright, we're cleaning out the shop and it's going on the sale table for spring cleaning!

We've got a All-Lock Chrysler Pinning Kit A-6015 on the block, all but never used! What you see is what you get, top and bottom pins, springs and retainers (both types!), and plenty of 'em!

$50, and we cover the shipping! One of you auto smiths will see this as a must have item, get it now! (Don't you just love that new pin kit smell? LOL!)

Now, post "SOLD" in the subject line, and your shipping address in the message body! PayPal works, if other method is desired, contact me!

https://www.clearstar.com/locked/market/messages/164303.htm 164303

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